February 14 th , 2022
5:30 PM

400 East Wm. E. Williams Ave.
Joseph, OR 97846
NOTE: Those wishing to speak before the School Board are requested to sign
the participation sheet prior to the start of the regular meeting.
5:30 1.0 Call to order Board Chair
2.0 Flag Salute Board Chair
5:33 3.0 Board Presentation FCCLA
5:40 4.0 Welcome Visitors and comment time Board Chair
6:00 5.0 School Board
A. Approval of Minutes
1. Regular Session-January 10 th , 2022
B. Approve Agenda
6:05 6.0 Consent Agenda
Note: Items on the Consent Agenda may be approved as a group by a single
motion unless reserved for special consideration.
A. Approval of Disbursements
6:10 7.0 Reports
A. Superintendent/K-4 Principal Lance Homan
B. 5-12 Principal/Imnaha Principal Jason Gorham
C. Athletic Director Jason Crenshaw
6:30 8.0 Discussion Items
B. Mask mandate changes
C. Communication
7:00 9.0 Action Items
A. Accept Dustin Larison’s resignation effective 2/28/22
B. Approve purchase of a new bus
C. Approve electrical for modular for the preschool
D. Approve carpet installation bid for the modular for preschool
E. Approve heating for the new preschool modular classroom

F. Final Reading/Adopt (if you choose to) amend policies AC
(Nondiscrimination) and AC-AR.
G. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy JB (Equal Educational
H. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy BD/BDA (Board
I. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy GBA (Equal
Employment Opportunity).
J. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policies GBEA (Workplace
Harassment) and GBEA-AR.
K. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy GBNA-AR (Hazing,
Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Menacing or Cyberbullying Reporting
L. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy IB (Freedom of
M. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy IIA (Instructional
Resources/Instructional Materials).
N. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy IJ (School Counseling
O. Final Reading /Adopt (if you choose to) amend policy JECB (Admission of
Nonresident Students).
P. Approve Tanner Shelton as head baseball coach
Q. Approve Jim Nave as assistant baseball coach
R. Approve Willie Roberts as JV baseball coach
S. Approve Trevor Schmidtke as volunteer baseball coach
T. Approve JR Collier as volunteer baseball coach
U. Approve Zach Grover as volunteer baseball coach
V. Approve Mark Ramsden as volunteer baseball coach
W. Approve John Roberts as head track coach
X. Approve Michelle Homan as assistant track coach
Y. Approve Jacob Losby as assistant track coach
Z. Approve Duncan Christmas as volunteer track coach
7:15 10.0 Board Questions
7:30 11.0 Information
7:40 12.0 Next Regular Meeting
March 14 th , 2022 at 5:30 PM in the food science room.
7:50 13.0 Adjournment Board Chair
Executive Session: The School Board may choose to call for an executive
session pursuant to ORS 192.660 as needed.
Those wishing to join the board meeting please call 541-432-7311 or email Lance
Homan at for the virtual login information.
The board will meet in person, but due to social distancing and COVID
restrictions visitors will need to join virtually.